Maximising business conversion for Financial Institutions with Digital Insights

With LOQR’s digital insights and expertise in cybersecurity, compliance, and market regulations, we deliver a solution that optimises conversion rates and provides full visibility of customers’ behaviours.

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Convert and thrive online businesses
with exceptional conversion rates

In this era of lightning-fast technological advancements, LOQR helps financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation.

Now is the time to optimise processes, unlock new revenue streams, and create seamless digital journeys that surpass customer expectations.

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Our vision is simple yet powerful: to create a future where banking is seamless, secure, and convenient.

Through a customer-centric platform and industry expertise, we support financial institutions to thrive in the digital landscape, powered by invaluable data-driven insights.

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Rewrite the rules, get the right data
to maximize your customer's experience

Full Data Analytics

LOQR enables financial institutions to be one step ahead in converting their leads.

Customer Tracking

Swiftly identify bottlenecks in the customer journey and analyse rapid behavioral shifts.

Business Metrics

With intuitive dashboards, we provide our clients with simplified data analysis empowering them to make informed decisions.

Exceptional Success Rate

85% of journeys successfully completed.

Superior User Satisfaction

97% customer satisfaction.

All-in-One Platform

Complete solution, covering KYC, Identity Verification, and Electronic Signature services.
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Unlock new market segments
Millions of potential users await.
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Take a step closer to a successful Digital Transformation in the financial ecosystem.

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