Upgrade data accuracy and integrity with pKYC

pKYC’s revolutionary concept gives financial institutions an edge in the increasingly regulated landscape, safeguarding financial crime prevention while delivering a seamless customer experience.

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It's time for
a new approach

Digital transactions are on the rise, and the threat of financial crimes and fraud actions is ever-present.

It’s time to embrace Perpetual Know Your Customer (pKYC), the groundbreaking solution that revolutionises data accuracy.

Why Choose

Trust is the foundation of our Platform. We envision a future where banking becomes the epicenter of compliance, security, and convenience for both financial institutions and their customers.

Unlike traditional KYC processes, pKYC maintains up-to-date customer information and manages activities throughout the entire customer relationship lifecycle.

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Trust, security, and compliance
in one single solution

Enhanced Security

Machine Learning ensures precise capture and storage of relevant information, meeting regulatory requirements with accuracy.

Trust and Compliance

pKYC automates tasks, minimizing human errors and enhancing customer relationships.

Real-time Results

Real-time access to user profiles, enabling continuous customer monitoring.

Seamless Experiences

Minimal changes and reduced manual reviews create smooth customer interactions.

Cost Efficiency

KYC costs can be reduced to approximately 3% of a bank's operational expenses.

Lifelong Compliance

Real-time KYC updates decrease the need for human intervention, potentially saving a medium-size bank 60-80% in costs.
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Amplify your compliance efforts in the financial ecosystem.

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