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We’re born from a dream. A dream that became an idea. An idea that was transformed into a project. A project that results in a platform. A platform based on a mission. A mission that allows us to become more closer to our vision “Empowering Digital Lives”.


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Semapa Next invested in LOQR because its founders demonstrated exceptional qualities to create a differentiating company in Europe. The LOQR team created a simple product for a complex problem, which has already been validated by the main banks in Iberia. Additionally, the quality of the talent that has joined LOQR is a sign of the founders' leadership capacity and a strong indicator of LOQR's potential to be the leader in digital identification and authentication for traditional banking in Europe.

Hugo Augusto Executive Board Member Semapa Next

We fully believe that the merge of LOQR’s solutions with our expertise will allow EMEA organizations to accelerate their digital transformation.

João Beato Esteves CEO United Channels

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