The complex has become simple: Standard Account Opening Journey

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One of the most important features that LOQR’s Platform provides, according to our client’s needs are turnkey journeys without additional adaptations. Offer simple solutions to our clients has been a target to pursue within LOQR’s strategy. This time, we have taken a new step forward in the standard version. Supporting new types of ID Documents, this new integration enables users to perform a digital account opening through a multichannel concept.  

With this new implementation also comes the possibility of expanding into new markets, allowing our clients to amplify their customer’s baseline and even reduce implementation lead time. 

Discover more about the advantages of increasingly, complete, and automated turnkey solutions, as standard journeys were made available on LOQR’s Platform.

Digital Account Opening: a seamless digital experience

At LOQR, the digital bank account opening journey is running successfully since 2017 with numerous accounts opened remotely. We offer a secure, fast, and compliant experience when opening a new digital bank account. 

Through LOQR’s All-in-one Platform – KYC, Identity Verification, and Electronic Signature – our clients can verify their customer’s identity with a live interview and get the contract digitally signed. 

By implementing the digital account opening in standard journeys, LOQR’s Platform is the ideal solution for clients looking for fully compliant, ready-to-use journeys, saving time and investment within an optimized lead time. 

How can clients benefit from LOQR’s standard mobile journeys? 

With this implementation LOQR’s Journey-as-a-Service Platform will be able to reach new clients and, consequently, new dynamic financial markets. Additionally, this single solution enables a risk-adaptable approach according to compliance requirements with a quick time-to-market. 

This integration was previously only available in customized solutions but has now also been made possible in standard journeys such as digital account opening. Users are therefore able to open an account using the ID document authentication method. 

Key benefits 

key benefits of LOQR's platform

LOQR’s expertise in cybersecurity, compliance, and market regulations, combined with solid banking business experience, is the foundation to offer seamless solutions such as standard multichannel journeys. LOQR has been empowering its clients beyond their digital business, providing a customer-centric platform and valuable business expertise to partner with clients in choosing simpler solutions to an efficient dematerialisation process. 

LOQR has been increasing the number of journeys and use cases successfully implemented across various clients and markets. From Digital Account Opening to Customer Data Updates, LOQR’s journeys are always focused on a customer-centric perspective. Usability is paramount in our product strategy. 

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