LOQR & Asseco PST join forces to digitalize the financial field

Author LOQR

Asseco PST is the newest partner of LOQR, a collaboration aimed at providing a more holistic approach to current and future banking customers.

Everyone, especially the younger generations, is demanding faster online solutions in an increasingly digital world. Banks and other financial institutions wish to provide those services in a compliant manner, with no risk of fraud, and this is how LOQR and Asseco PST can help them.

LOQR’s solution integrated into the Asseco ecosystem offers financial institutions the possibility of conducting multiple operations, including online account openings, customer data updates, and remote access recoveries. With this partnership, Asseco PST provides banks with a wider range of digital innovations to connect with their end-users.

A partnership for international expansion

From this partnership, focused on targeting some of the Portuguese-speaking African countries, such as Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, banks and other financial institutions can streamline their operations and increase their efficiency through easier and more compliant solutions to engage with new customers. This will reduce costs and boost business growth, while improving the users’ experience.

“I truly believe this partnership with Asseco PST will be of great value for the companies and our clients. In combination with Asseco’s advanced IT solutions for the banking sector, LOQR’s digital journeys will be able to reach new markets and clients in our path to empower financial institutions in their digital acceleration process”, says Ricardo Costa, LOQR’s CEO.

“For banks and other financial institutions, digital transformation is an essential pillar to ensure a successful strategy that secures customers and reaches new generations by providing cutting-edge solutions. The partnership with LOQR gives us speed, more adaptability, and is the forging of the right alliance that meets the challenges in an increasingly competitive and digital world,” says Daniel Araújo, CEO of Asseco PST.

About Asseco PST

Asseco PST (Portuguese Speaking Territories) is an IT company that specializes in developing banking software. It has been integrated into the multinational Asseco Group since 2015, one of the largest European software providers, and has over 30 years of experience developing solutions for more than 70 financial institutions. With a presence in eight geographies, as branches in Portugal, Angola, and Mozambique, always valuing proximity to the customer.

About LOQR

LOQR provides AI Powered Journey-as-a-Service solutions for financial institutions who wish to digitalize their services. Our end-to-end journeys are able to empower digital lives through cutting edge technology and deliver seamless experiences to all their users.