Case Study: How BPG implemented a Digital Account Opening process with LOQR

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In partnership with LOQR, Banco Português de Gestão (BPG) has implemented an online account opening journey working along its traditional on-site services.  

Why did this necessity arise? 

BPG is an institution with more than 20 years of history in banking services in Portugal. As an established and valuable alternative for people, companies and institutions, the bank started looking for a way to increase its organic growth by reconverting its strategic positioning. 

The solution needed to attend two very important aspects: security and compliance.  

We were looking for a company capable of offering a safe solution, 100% compliant with the regulation demands.”  

With these requirements, and after a thorough search, BPG decided to align with LOQR to create a simple and compliant solution, that would allow its customers to open an account online in an efficient and secure way. 

LOQR's Digital Account Opening Data

With LOQR’s solutions, BPG was able to: 

– Dematerialise processes
– Create more efficient and secure processes
– Free valuable resources for human interaction
– Attract new demographics
– Reach new markets. 

The online account opening journey implemented in BPG was also possible with the participation of Nearsoft, an indispensable partner in this implementation. With the help of Nearsoft’s vast knowledge in integration and digitalisation, we were able to create an intuitive solution to grow BPG’s digital universe. 

If you are curious about this implementation, read our Case Study and find out more about how the online account opening journey streamlined the institution’s bureaucratic services. 

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