Digital Onboarding in the Turkish Banking Sector: Live Webinar

Author LOQR

Technology advances have shaped the world we live in today, making it more competitive and accelerated than ever. It has become crucial for the banking sector to focus on a practical digital customer onboarding experience to facilitate every step of the operation and increase profitability while reducing costs. 
Despite being new to the reality of digital onboarding, Turkish consumers already have strong expectations regarding the digital transition of financial institutions. So, it is a great time to understand more about the market and its new opportunities. 

The Digital Onboarding in the Turkish Banking Sector Webinar joins Ricardo Costa, Founder and CEO, Miguel Pontes, Head of Business Strategy, and Tarik Kucuk, Sales Manager Operations Turkey to discuss the following topics:

  • The socio-economical context in Turkey
  • An overview of traditional banks, neobanks & digital specialists
  • The level of digitalization in the country
  • A deep dive into the e-commerce context
  • The legal framework in the Turkish banking sector

We have prepared some special material so that you don’t miss the highlights of the session with the main insights on the digital customer onboarding process in Turkey and the importance of considering it as a financial organization.