Everything you need to know about the latest LOQR’s Platform backoffice improvements

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Continuous innovation in the backoffice area is paramount to LOQR’s Platform development. Clients can access a single place where data is gathered, and detailed information about each journey is displayed, and customer service operations are streamlined.  

Interested in finding out how LOQR’s Platform has become even better? Keep reading to discover more about some of our new features, so that you can better understand their benefits.

Product Update Notifications 

We are constantly increasing the security, compliance, and usability of our Platform in order to keep our highest standards. More than an end solution, LOQR seeks to deliver innovation and bring new added value to the client’s business. Considering this, a mechanism was added to the backoffice allowing to signal our platform that new content is available about the newest features implemented. 

A product update notifications channel in the backoffice allows LOQR to keep our clients informed about useful new features and the platform’s evolution. 

Main highlights 

Our platform is being frequently updated, as it should be for an evolving, valuable solution like the one LOQR offers. 

With a new pop-up notification, our clients gain a highly effective and visible method of being informed of significant and relevant changes. If any of our clients missed it, it can be easily consulted and retrieved from the list of previous notifications, giving them the flexibility to read it whenever they need to and never miss any important information.

Key updates on the evolution of our backoffice 

– Publish notifications
– List notifications
– Signal unread notifications to backoffice users
– Redirect users to external content linked to a notification 

Update alerts give our clients access to engaging content, saving them the time and effort of actively looking for it. 

New Reports menu: Monthly Usage 

We believe that the power of knowledge is greatly increased when it is shared. That is why sharing files directly in the backoffice with our clients about the platform usage and the respective journeys will result in more direct and automatic communication.  

With this new feature, we are opening up a new channel of communication by sharing files with our clients through the backoffice. From now on, our clients will only receive platform usage reports through this channel, where they can also download valuable information.  As a result of our team of experts sharing data and figures, our clients gain relevant platform-specific information that enables them to develop deep knowledge.  


Our mission is to empower our clients with the information they need to make effective and informed decisions. After all, the more they know, the more they achieve with LOQR’s Platform. This is the reason why we are committed to informing our clients and helping them with the digital transformation process.

Rui Pereira Head of Product

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