Empowering Financial Institutions: LOQR’s Digital Insights for Business Growth

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In today’s hyper-competitive financial market, where challenging players are arriving and consumers’ needs are evolving faster than ever, LOQR has pioneered an extraordinary value proposition for Financial Institutions. The solution comes with a new and dynamic approach toward using our Platform: Digital Insights – a transformative and complete set of powerful data that is changing the paradigm of mature organisations and accelerating the momentum of digital transformation which marks a new chapter of innovation.  

Keep reading this article to find out how we do it and if you still have any questions, know that LOQR has long-standing expertise and will quickly clarify all requests about these improvements. Talk to us. 

How can we meet customer demands with market-leading Digital Insights? 

Financial Institutions often face a critical challenge: a lack of comprehensive insights into their customers’ behaviour and the quality of their digital experiences and interactions. Addressing this significant need, LOQR’s Digital Insights offer a transformative solution that incorporates real-time data analytics, enabling our clients to translate customer journeys effectively and make data-driven strategic decisions, based on important business metrics such as elapsed interaction time at each step of a process, visibility of customer status, and business conversion rate. 

Additionally, LOQR’s Digital Insights also enables banks and other financial institutions to gain immediate feedback on their actions and campaigns. 

Fully aligned with the User Experience, Business, and Compliance requirements, LOQR’s distinctive platform, and the know-how of our team of experts, our clients can get unique results:

– Full Data Analytics, available from the platform, enables Financial Institutions to trust LOQR to be one step ahead in converting their leads. 
– Business transformation is fuelled by optimisation of the customer experience. 
– Customer tracking, based on our expert assistance, LOQR allows our clients to identify bottlenecks along the customer journey, and analyse the fast evolution of the behaviour of their consumers.
– Business Metrics, and its dashboards allow our clients to have a simple analysis of data and make decisions based on significant information.
– Quarterly data review allows our clients can obtain additional assistance on journey optimisation, improving conversion rate. 

LOQR’s Digital Insights empower financial institutions with immediate feedback on their initiatives and marketing campaigns. This value is crucial for making quick adjustments to strategy and staying ahead in the competitive financial services landscape.

In a sector where every customer interaction matters, LOQR’s Digital Insights are the gateway to enhanced customer experience, streamlined operations, and data-driven decision-making. Adopting our cutting-edge solution will allow you to join the ranks of forward-thinking financial institutions that are taking charge of their digital transformation operations. 

graphic with LOQR's Digital Insights

Digital Insights: the extremely positive impact on the client’s business  

1. Customer Tracking

The customer tracking solution provides a unique insight into the digital customer journey with automatised output. 

Customer status is automatically sent, on specific events: 

– Full visibility of user experience and constraint points on the customer journey.
Increase conversion rates, as it allows to quantify success on campaigns & initiatives. 
– Can be integrated with the financial institution’s systems.
– No PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data. 

2. Expert Journey Design 

For the existing journeys in production, LOQR will provide expertise focused on analysing the journey usage data. 

According to the specific needs, the activities to be carried out include:

– An analysis of current customer digital journeys and identification of key touchpoints.
Providing insights and recommendations to the financial institutions, regarding specific journey users data to reduce the user drop-out. 

3. Quarterly Data Review 

This service aims to help our clients achieve a comprehensive approved definition of the customer digital journey, including specific steps, flow, and decision points. 

According to the specific needs, the activities encompass:

Conducting a deep analysis of each use case and understanding of the complete flow and requirements.
Collaborating with the client’s team on defining the journey flow according to LOQR’s extensive experience and best practices.
Creating mockups according to the defined flow, if required. 
Offering specialised recommendations considering compliance, user behaviour, or other significant aspects specifically adapted to SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).
Providing recommendations for optimising the customer experience, including pain points and areas for improvement. 

Aligned with business requirements, the data review will provide full visibility of different barriers on the user journey, such as full user visibility along the funnel and trendlines, root cause, or proposal for remediation of stopped journeys. 

The Digital Insights Dashboards 

Simplicity and accuracy of data visualization are key advantages to accessing and monitoring information that results from customers’ behaviour. Focused on these criteria, LOQR developed and implemented a set of dashboards that will be available to our clients and that encompass the numbers and the status of the journeys initiated.  

LOQR's digital insights dashboard

These dashboards, which can already be found in the Platform’s backoffice, include useful data that will be increased in upcoming releases. 

We’re a company that goes beyond to meet market expectations. LOQR delivers value and brings new insights to our client’s businesses by staying one step ahead of market demands.

Richard da Silva VP of Sales