How LOQR’s Platform has helped clients achieve business growth

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In today’s ever-changing landscape, where innovation is the key to success, LOQR has become an essential ally in helping companies on their digital journey. Our All-in-One Platform, developed after years of rigorous research and improvements, offers a comprehensive solution to financial institutions looking for a complete digital transformation.   

Amidst a scenario marked by digital transformation challenges, security concerns, and compliance requirements, LOQR provides a robust response that unlocks a world of possibilities for financial institutions.  

This article explores how our solution has driven our clients’ growth and unlocked extraordinary results. 

LOQR’s solution

LOQR offers an innovative solution for financial institutions undergoing a digital transformation process. Our Platform focuses on user experience principles and the expansion of our clients’ businesses. Given that preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing is a responsibility shared by multiple financial and non-financial organisations, LOQR’s Platform is fully compliant with the applicable regulations.  

Furthermore, with 90% of our clients being established banks, we have an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and specific needs within this heavily regulated industry. This allows us to provide tailored solutions that truly address the requirements of the banking sector. Through our Platform, we enable financial institutions to optimise processes, increase customer loyalty and provide access to new market opportunities based on valuable data insights. This comprehensive set of powerful tools is transforming the paradigm of mature organisations.  

The successful journey of our clients

Since its launch, LOQR’s Platform has become centre-stage for nearly 80 million potential users, enabling financial institutions to expand into new market segments and unlock multiple journeys, while ensuring regulatory compliance and providing a seamless experience.

LOQR’s technological vision has yielded significant results, with our clients achieving conversion growth rates exceeding 70% and customer satisfaction rates surpassing 97%. We have assisted financial institutions in converting traditional processes into fully digital ones, resulting in higher margins due to increased conversion rates.  

We have witnessed a significant increase in converted leads from all our clients. Between 2022 and 2023, all our clients experienced over 90% growth in the number of converted leads. This significant increase highlights how effectively our platform can attract and convert new customers. 

To provide specific examples, one of our clients experienced a remarkable leap in converted leads, from 14,431 leads in 2022 to 28,114 leads across 2022 and 2023, representing a 95% growth. During the same period, another client increased its converted leads from 932 to 6956, demonstrating a substantial growth of 646% after implementing our digital journeys.   

These impressive figures show how the digital transformation is reshaping the banking sector and emphasise the crucial role that the LOQR Platform plays in driving this change and foresting growth.   

How LOQR’s Platform empowers financial institutions beyond digital business  

Investing in LOQR unlocks many benefits, enhancing your competitive edge and empowering you to deliver better customer experiencesWe’re a company that goes above and beyond to meet market expectations, fully understanding the ever-changing digital landscape and developing solutions that stay ahead of market demands.

More than an end-to-end solution, LOQR delivers value and provides new insights into our clients’ businesses. We recognise that our seamless and compliant journeys can continuously grow their customer base, reaching new markets and generating more business.

Remember, innovation isn’t just about creating something new but about finding better solutions to age-old problems. With LOQR, you’ll hold the key to unlocking your company’s unlimited potential and achieving greater success.    


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