Improving User Experience within the ID Document capture

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While security and compliance keep on being vital parts of digital platforms, user experience is also becoming a crucial aspect to consider. 

Discover how LOQR has improved user experience during the ID Capture stage and the improvement has affected conversion rates. 

User Experience in digital platforms: from “nice to have” to “must” 

As generations adopt more modern processes, it’s important to start considering their technological growth environment. All users are becoming savvier in digital platforms and might end up having certain expectations and demands when it comes to the user experience of those platforms. 

With these high technological demands, user experience has switched from a “nice to have feature” to a “must” necessity.  

Aware of this paradigm change, LOQR is constantly improving its journeys. One of the latest improvements relates to the ID Document capture. 

Constraints faced during the ID Document capture 

During the KYC process, users are asked to take a picture of their ID Document. The capture needs to meet certain requirements in terms of: 

Perspective – the document cannot be tilted.
Glares – the documents must avoid glares.
Focus – the capture is correctly focused.
Bounds – the document boundaries are fully within the frame.
Colour – the colour of the document is correct.
Resolution – the capture has a high resolution.
Portrait – the capture has a valid portrait.

Until now, if those requirements for capture weren’t met, the process would start over and users wouldn’t know what went wrong. With this new improvement, after an incorrect capture of the ID Document, a message pops up, asking users to take another picture. This message contains instructions to better the quality of the capture, so that they can more easily overcome the underlying obstacle and move on to the next stage of the journey. 

What are the main benefits of this improvement? 

By bettering the experience of the ID Document capture process, we were able to increase conversion rates and more concluded journeys, as users are now able to detect what the problem is and easily solve it. Also, the number of capture attempts has decreased, making the process more friendly. 

Besides being beneficial for the users, this improvement also has advantages for the institutions: a seamless journey can improve the end user’s perception of the process and the institution, leading to higher customer retention rates and positive feedback. 

Journeys and User Experience at LOQR

Journeys are at the core of our business, and LOQR strives to create the best user experience throughout all the stages of our Journey-as-a-Service Platform, increasing trust from our clients and improving the experience for all users. 

Discover more about our previous platform improvements and how we’ve been increasing user experience levels across our platform. If you still have questions, get in touch with LOQR Team.


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