LOQR 5th anniversary

Author LOQR


August is always a special month for us, and this year was particularly special as we celebrate our 5th anniversary, another milestone in the LOQR’s history in a very challenging year.

2020 will never be forgotten, nevertheless, in a year like this, we felt that we were testing our limits but the test has been successfully surpassed!

Suddenly and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we boosted our presence in many of our Clients and even engaged with new ones. In these troubled times when they most needed digital products and services, we were on their side delivering solutions with an extremely quick turnaround and with a huge impact on our society.

If 2019 has been our best year ever, probably at the end of this year we will find that 2020 is the most atypical year ever, but still, the best year!

Since the beginning of our journey that we see every challenge as an opportunity, and most of the time opportunities bring achievements. For that, during these amazing five years, LOQR has built a solid brand, investing in strong and trusted relationships.

We’re immensely proud of our path and tremendously excited about the future of a digital society where LOQR is becoming more relevant and recognized.

Empowering Digital Lives is our vision, and every day we feel it!

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

You can count on us, you can count on LOQR!