LOQR and Nearsoft Announce Strategic Partnership

Author LOQR

The tech collaboration will provide banks with disruptive ways to implement end-to-end, compliant digital solutions for their customers.  

Portuguese-based startups, LOQR and Nearsoft, have combined their expertise and technology to provide banks with better solutions regarding the digitalization of their operations. This strategic partnership will solve common pain points of traditional financial institutions by providing customers with a secure and personalized digital banking experience while delivering compliant journeys.

Considering that banks, traditionally, are non-tech companies and are not required to have the knowledge and availability to implement and combine different APIs to deliver digital solutions to their customers, LOQR and Nearsoft enter the equation with their expertise to provide a customized, complete end-to-end compliant solution.

LOQR delivers ready-to-use and fully compliant journeys through a Journey-as-a-Service platform, such as Online Account Opening, Customer Data Update, and Online Access Recovery, that unlock a set of use cases such as: Buy Now, Pay Later / Online Loans for Goods and Services; Online Device Enrollment; Online E-Wallet Account Opening; Online Merchant Onboarding; Online Proof of Life for Pensioners, allowing banks to take the next step to a more client-centric and digital banking experience. With the added expertise of Nearsoft, this improved approach will enable banks to offer their customers the best possible digital experience.

Nearsoft offer is mostly focused on integration and digitalization services for banks and other industries, complementing LOQR’s offer with its digital channels products, such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and other user-centered channels, UX & UI analysis and design, data analytics, and integration expertise with core banking systems. Therefore, both companies come together to deliver a fully digital journey to their users, helping banks and other institutions to elevate their offers and stand out from the competition.

“We are delighted with this partnership. It will allow us to combine our innovative AI-based compliant digital journeys with all Nearsoft expertise. This complementarity will simplify and empower banks’ digital acceleration, enabling them to reach new markets. Strong partnerships are the best way to assure a secure, personalized, and compliant transition to the digital world”, says Ricardo Costa, LOQR’s CEO.

“LOQR provides exceptional complementary products to our platform, the Journey-as-a-Service concept is the perfect match to Nearsoft platform when we need to implement complex workflows integrated with digital channels. Now we can provide fully digital processes from the first to the last step since LOQR provides the mandatory legal KYC/KYB AML verifications, Identity Verification using video biometrics, and finally e-Signature capabilities”, says Pedro Camacho, Nearsoft CEO.

Nearsoft is a software development company specialized in digital channels for banking institutions and other industries, with a B2B “thinking about C” business approach. Nearsoft mission is not only to provide its business clients with the tools to improve their interaction with their clients but also to provide the best user experience when using their digital channels. Nearsoft strength comes from the people, with a very solid team with the knowledge, mindset, and creativity needed to deliver these solutions. Learn more:

LOQR is the AI-Powered Journey-as-a-Service provider for financial institutions in a transition to a secure digital world. We deliver journeys to unlock digital banking potential through our Journey-as-a-Service platform. We empower digital lives with cutting-edge technology, business expertise, and compliance to deliver seamless experiences through a single platform. Learn more at