LOQR and Neyond Announce Strategic Partnership

Author LOQR

It is LOQR’s goal to focus on constantly improving its product, Platform, and its journeys. That is why, having trustworthy and highly professional partners that can implement LOQR’s solutions is crucial for the company. This is where Neyond comes in, bringing further technological expertise to deploy innovative solutions for mutual success. 

This partnership is crucial as it will bring together two organizations that have complementary skills and resources to achieve a common goal. With a combined strategy, this partnership will allow both partners to reach new audiences and further expand their market presence.  

By joining forces and having a win-win mindset, LOQR and Neyond can generate a positive relationship and add value to potential new clients by fostering common synergies and strengths, benefiting not only new customers but ultimately, creating enhanced digital experiences for everyone involved. 

About LOQR 

Focused on the financial sector, LOQR empowers its clients beyond their digital business by providing a customer-centric platform and valuable business expertise. LOQR’s know-how in cybersecurity, compliance, and market regulations, combined with solid financial experience, is the foundation of a seamless solution within the financial ecosystem.  

We have enabled financial institutions to grow and unlock their digital potential through LOQR’s Journey-as-a-Service Platform. We accelerate the optimisation process of our clients, improving customer loyalty and assuring their digital transformation, based on valuable data insights. We deliver complete and fully compliant digital journeys through the All-in-One Platform – KYC, Identity Verification, and Electronic Signature.  

Since 2015, the LOQR Platform has become centre-stage for nearly 80M potential users, enabling clients to expand into new market segments and unlock multiple journeys. 

About Neyond

Neyond was founded in 2004, with the goal of providing Business Consulting, IT Consulting and strategic Business Process Outsourcing services.  

Currently, it has offices in Lisboa, Porto and Madrid, and employs 550+ highly qualified professionals, working side by side with our Partners and Clients, adopting a collaborative and flexible approach, with proven track record on several business sectors. 

As a Consulting hub, our global offering is full stack, that is, we conceptualize and define, implement, maintain, and operate. We do have effective experience in areas such as strategy, operations & efficiency, finance, risk & regulation, data & analytics, digital & mobile, software engineering, amongst others. 

With a global portfolio of 500+ national and multinational clients, we moved on, finding news to engage and challenge expectations, fostering new talent and careers, stepping into an ecosystem of integrated expertise. For us it is crucial to continue making this journey alongside strategic partners like LOQR. 


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