LOQR develops new integration with Chave Móvel Digital

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It is now simpler for Portuguese citizens, and people officially residing in Portugal, to electronically sign documents through LOQR’s Platform. The Chave Móvel Digital (CMD) system can now be integrated into LOQR’s Journeys, allowing our clients to offer a Qualified Electronic Signature to their customers. 

Discover more about CMD, Qualified Electronic Signatures, and the advantages of this integration. 

What is Chave Móvel Digital? 

Chave Móvel Digital, or CMD, is an authentication and digital signature service certified by the Portuguese Government and Agência para a Modernização Administrativa (AMA).

The CMD associates a mobile phone number with a person’s ID document. For a person with Portuguese citizenship, it’s the Citizen Card, in the case of a foreign person, they can associate it with the passport or residence card. 

With CMD, a person can access several digital portals and sign documents digitally, a feature present at LOQR’s Platform which can be integrated with any journey that requires a digital signature. 

Why is this integration important? 

CMD provides a qualified certificate to the user allowing to perform the Qualified Electronic Signature which, under the eIDAS regulations, has the same legal effect as a handwritten signature, so any institution can use it to formalise its processes.  

It is, therefore, one of the most secure ways to sign a document, as it entails a high level of protection – it’s the highest level of security and legal proof in courts. 

Furthermore, using the CMD, the entire journey is completely autonomous, eliminating human intervention by the institution side. 

CMD in LOQR’s Platform: what are the advantages? 

With the integration of CMD, LOQR’s Journeys can now offer financial institutions the possibility of having a Qualified Electronic Signature in Portugal, providing them with one of the most secure digital authentication processes in the market.  

Using the LOQR’s Platform it is possible to bring together two different possibilities at a single point: performing the journey using CMD and, if the user does not have it activated, can continue follow the alternative path for ID verification and other mechanisms to sign documents. 

What changes in the Journeys? 

The journey path through CMD is very similar to the normal signature process, with some adaptations to abide AMA rules. If one of our clients wants to have the CMD integration in their chosen journey, they must celebrate a protocol with AMA. 

To know more about our Journeys and our new CMD integration, get in touch with LOQR Team.


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