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When distance was the only alternative, we were left with words.

But the words are not limited to this phase and that is why we decided to immortalize them in this video.

The value of LOQR is in the people and it was with this purpose that this video appeared, as a way of thanking the whole team for the way they “rolled up their sleeves” in this challenging time, but also for all the dedication and team spirit with which they daily embrace projects.

Today, more than three months after the start of this pandemy, we feel that there was not much time to think about what could have been. We live in a reaction mode because the urgency required it. We delivered projects in record time as a result of solid and cohesive partnerships and, contrary to what was being seen, we significantly increased the volume of work, established new business partnerships, and even strengthened the team.

One day when we look back we will realize that what we achieved today, resulted from the path we took yesterday and will have an impact on what we will be tomorrow.

In this interruption of our “freedom”, we wrote several pages in the history of LOQR, which we are very proud of and where each one of us had the opportunity to do differently and make a difference.

Will everything be the same when we get back? Definitely not. Hopefully, it is even better!

You can count on us, you can count on LOQR!