LOQR, Infosistema and DocDigitizer partnership

Author LOQR

LOQR, Infosistema and DocDigitizer have established a global strategic partnership to simplify and fully automate the customer onboarding process.

10 July 2019 – Together we power financial KYC and digital signatures for customer onboarding and contract signing, including processes like consumer credit, account openings, and diverse contract signing. We put together some of the best-of-breed tech innovations to provide an amazing customer experience based on a simple, fast, and cost-effective solution.

DocDigitizer aims to empower automation and digital transformation through a new generation of data capture technology, combining state-of-the-art machine learning with a top of the class validation service that ensures full automation with outstanding quality and accuracy.

“The automation and robotization economy has arrived and will free up people’s time to focus on much more important and complex tasks. At DocDigitizer, we are enabling businesses to simplify their information digestion, empowering automation and digital transformation,” declares João Fernandes, CEO of DocDigitizer.

LOQR delivers the future of customer onboarding by providing a digital identity management platform for banking and other regulated markets in compliance with all the legal requirements.

“Today’s organizations, even regulated and supervised ones, need to keep up with the expectations of the multiple generations of customers. LOQR’s customer onboarding and contract signing platform allow the creation of seamless but compliant customer journeys for the different services they provide. Together with Infosistema and DocDigitizer, we take out the traditional complexity of these processes through automation and amazing user experience,” says Ricardo Costa, Founder and CEO of LOQR.

Infosistema is a Technology and Business Consulting company providing Mobile Systems of Engagement to Banking and Insurance companies that are seamlessly integrated with their core systems.

“Agility and Innovation represent key concepts and values for Infosistema and Joyn Group. With this partnership, we simplify complex and bureaucratic processes, delivering much simpler solutions, namely to the financial industry with its varied compliance requirements,” states Jorge Pereira, co-Founder and CEO of Infosistema.

This partnership will simplify and automate the customer onboarding process, providing a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective solution.