LOQR is Among the 50 Fastest-Growing Startups in Portugal 

Author LOQR

We are delighted to be part of ROW’s list of the 50 fastest-growing startups in Portugal in the last two years based on employee growth, funding, and valuation.   

ROW’s ranking demonstrates the capability of Portuguese companies to compete successfully in global markets. Portugal has shown a very high quality of talent and an extremely high English language proficiency compared to other countries. We also believe that the preference for launching global products from day one has been embedded in our DNA since the age of world discovery (“Era dos Descobrimentos” in Portuguese). On top, Portuguese founders usually are highly qualified, motivated, and persistent people. Those factors have contributed to Portugal’s current position as one of the top European destinations for tech people, companies, and investors. We’re proud to be part of this recognition and even more proud to be part of this growing ecosystem.    

From LOQR’s side, this result could not be possible without our team’s commitment. In the end, we are and always will be a people-driven company. Our goal is to increase employability through qualified people and invest in new and better working models and benefits. For us, it’s all about people “empowering digital lives”! 

LOQR is the AI-powered journeys-as-a-service (JaaS) provider for financial institutions desiring a smooth transition to a secure digital world by unlocking their digital potential.  LOQR expertise in AI, security, and compliance, combined with solid banking business knowledge, are the foundations of our mission to help our clients empower their customers’ digital lives. This is achieved by delivering our pre-approved and proven journeys, such as online account opening, customer data update, and online access recovery, among other value-added regulatory compliant journeys, already available in our end-to-end platform.  

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