LOQR is one of the TOP 30 Portuguese Startups featured in Portugal Fintech Report 2021

Author LOQR

Portugal Fintech has just launched the Portugal Fintech Report 2021, and we’re pleased to announce that LOQR is once again one of the Top 30 Portuguese Startups featured in it. The report is an overview of the industry’s progress and main trends, mapping the top Portuguese fintech and reflecting on the industry’s best practices, real experiences, and collaborations. 

For LOQR, this is a great chance to reinforce the importance and impact of fintech work in traditional business. In addition, to show great results for the banking sector especially, through digitalization and optimization of processes. 

Innovative partnerships

Our clients speak for themselves. “LOQR has provided a solution for digital customer onboarding that complies with KYC’s legal and commercial requirements, with the purpose of opening for retail and corporates bank accounts”, BAI Europa – Digital Onboarding to Customer’s Account Opening.

“LOQR is helping BPG to set up a 100% digital onboarding process for its individual clients, as well as a unique and authentic digital signature solution for communications (transactions, instructions, orders, mail)”, BPG – Digital Onboarding and Sign ID.

“LOQR and NOVO BANCO have been working in a close partnership since 2020 to provide clients with a digital onboarding resorting to video call, OCR reading of documents, and KYC validations. There are also other solutions planned for the near future”, NOVO BANCO – Digital Onboarding.
We believe that being part of this ecosystem allows us to keep reinforcing our brand and value proposition to the market, empowering digital lives. 

Thank you again, Portugal Fintech, for the opportunity and hard work towards the fintech ecosystem.