LOQR raises 8M€ to transform the banking and financial sector

Author LOQR

This investment will allow us to expand the scale of our internationalization. To achieve this goal, we will grow at the most diverse levels – people, development, technology, and innovation.

LOQR is pleased to share that it has raised 8M€ in a Series A round, led by Iberis Capital and Semapa Next. We’re also thrilled with the retention of the support and confidence of our previous investors BiG Start Ventures, EDP Ventures SCR and HCapital, the last two through funds in partnership with Banco Português de Fomento.

The leading digital customer onboarding platform

In an increasingly digital society, customers expect precisely what they want and when they want it, organizations should “wow” them at every touchpoint.

Contributing to a more balanced society regarding access to technology as a vehicle for inclusion, and allowing organizations to offer digital products and services, has been LOQR’s mission since day one.

Perhaps, the fact that we have well-identified our purpose has represented an advantage because the better we know who we are and what moves us, the easier it is to explore the challenges essential to our growth.

And every challenge has been transformed into an opportunity, turning these five years into a fantastic journey!

For that, we want to thank our outstanding team, our investors, partners, and finally, our fabulous clients.

What does this investment mean for our clients?


The evolution of our platform will continue faster than ever, fully aligned with our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our strategy, however, will continue to be based on the close relationship we have with our clients, partners, investors, and the whole ecosystem.

Our solutions will evolve and become more robust, allowing us to establish trustworthy and win-win partnerships with bigger and bigger clients.

With this investment, we will keep spreading the digital transformation throughout the financial sector, strengthening our international expansion, technology, and innovation while focusing on the evolution of our platform.

This means, our clients will better serve their customers, and we all know that happy customers are returning customers.

It is an exciting time!


It’s an honour to have influential investors who believe in us. Let’s grow together.

LOQR is a player with a unique and innovative approach to digital transformation and dematerialization for the banking industry, based on its intellectual property and R&D. In a short time, it asserted itself as a key player in the Iberian market and is well poised for its next expansion stage. As LOQR’s new strategic and financial partners, we are excited to be a part of its growth and internationalization journey. João Henriques, Partner Iberis Capital

Semapa Next invested in LOQR because its founders demonstrated exceptional qualities to create a differentiating company in Europe. The LOQR team created a simple product for a complex problem, which has already been validated by the main banks in Iberia. Additionally, the quality of the talent that has joined LOQR is a sign of the founders’ leadership capacity and a strong indicator of LOQR’s potential to be the leader in digital identification and authentication for traditional banking in Europe. Hugo Augusto, Executive Board Member Semapa

EDP Ventures, through the EDP Cleantech fund, in partnership with Banco Português de Fomento, reinforced its investment in LOQR’s Series A. We believe that the success that LOQR is having in offering tools to manage the customer digital identity lifecycle for the financial sector will be replicated in other industries, including energy sector. We are very pleased with the completion of this LOQR Series A. We welcome the new investors, Iberis Capital and Semapa Next, and express our commitment to continue working with the founders and other investors, contributing to the company’s success. Luis Manuel, CEO EDP Ventures SCR

BiG Start Ventures was one of the first investors in LOQR, and throughout each round we have reinforced our confidence in the company. As a Fintech-focused VC we observe the space in-depth and reckon the identity management as a pillar on infrastructure that is still to be cracked, where LOQR plays an inevitable part of the solution. Now more than ever, there isn’t one bank ready for the digital future that doesn’t need LOQR. João Freire de Andrade, Executive Director BiG Start Ventures

We are very happy to continue supporting LOQR’s business development. This new funding round will certainly contribute to consolidating the leading position of LOQR’s Digital Onboarding Platform and accelerating its international expansion. A special welcome to Semapa Next and Iberis who will join the team and remaining shareholders in this growth journey. Gonçalo Sousa Coutinho, Director HCapital