LOQR’s 2023 Wrap Up

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With 2023 ending, it’s time to reflect on all the significant events that defined LOQR’s incredible journey over the year. It has been an impactful and fascinating year for LOQR.  

LOQR’s Platform has become centre-stage for nearly 80M potential users, enabling clients to expand into new market segments and unlock multiple journeys. With an annual conversion rate growth of 70%, the expansion of our client’s digital business represents our own success. 

Let’s look at some of LOQR’s events from last year, which portray a significant turning point in the organization’s growth! 

Platform Improvements

Over 2023, we announced a new phase of ongoing communication dedicated to informing all our clients about the latest enhancements on LOQR’s Platform. Several significant improvements were implemented to leverage compliance and overall usability.  

Digital Insights, pKYC, new use cases and an improved backoffice were just some of the new capabilities presented this year.  


After an intensive journey of evolution of LOQR and its Platform, we held an event in June at Pestana Palácio do Freixo that brought together some of the most decisive business partners to celebrate this incredible journey with us. This event aimed to provide moments of discussion and sharing around cutting-edge and innovative topics to add valuable insights to our client’s digital business.
LOQR ID Vault project aims to develop a solution that ensures the lifecycle management of the digital identity of people, data, and documents, accelerating the digital transformation of customer management (onboarding). 

Also in June, LOQR took over Amsterdam again with an exciting presence at Money20/20, one of the biggest financial events in Europe. This was an excellent opportunity to share more about our customer-centric Platform and how we can empower financial institutions beyond digital business. 

LOQR’s entry into Spain

Having already conquered 85% of the national market, LOQR arrived in Spain as a “natural step”. Throughout this year, Richard da Silva, LOQR’s VP of Sales, was interviewed by several newspapers, and they talked about how LOQR is positioning itself in Spain. Among other topics, the digital transformation of banks and financial institutions and the dynamic of the Spanish market were always discussed.  

What’s to come in 2024? 

Aligned with our business goals, we will continue to work to maintain technological leadership in the sector, unlocking the digital potential of the financial institutions that place their trust in us. We will continue to focus on the internationalisation of our company, on increasing our client portfolio, providing new business insights, and on continuous platform improvements to deliver the best digital solutions to our clients.  

Stay tuned for 2024. Lots of news to come! 


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