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At LOQR, we strive to improve daily and our platform follows that same philosophy. 

In our most significant release to date and following our Faster, Easier and Compliant motto, you can see new and enhanced features leveraging security, compliance, and overall usability.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of our new features, so that you can better understand their benefits.
Keep reading and discover how the LOQR platform has become even better! 

Enhanced Security and Compliance

4-Eyes check

At the identity verification stage, the approval and validation of identity are performed by different operators. The same happens during the interview, as the operator conducting the interview and the operator approving it must be different.

#Fact: The 4-Eyes Check feature improves compliance while reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

ID Document Liveness Check

In the KYC stage, an image liveness check takes place while capturing the user’s Identity Document.

#Fact: The Image Liveness Check feature boosts security while reducing the risk of fraud.

Face Match during the Assisted Interview

A new face match feature was introduced in the identity verification stage and during the assisted interview, providing the operator with additional evidence regarding the user’s real identity.

#Fact: The Face Match feature during the assisted interview improves overall security while reducing potentially fraudulent activities.

Unlocked Clients’ Expansion

Multilanguage Assisted Interview Script

The operator’s script for the assisted interview, during the identity verification stage, can now be defined in multiple languages on the same journey.

#Fact: The multilanguage script feature allows business expansion by reaching users of different nationalities in different languages.

New ID Documents

New ID Documents (EU Citizens, EU Candidates, ETFA Cards and other Passports) are now accepted in the KYC/KYB stage. This new feature improves usability and expands the number of users.

#Fact: New ID Documents allow business expansion by substantially increasing the potential users baseline.

Details of people on the phone and computer

Seamless Journeys: Faster, Easier and Compliant

Omnichannel Approach

It is now possible for users to switch from one device to another at any time during the entire journey.

#Fact: A unified omnichannel journey reflects a user-centric experience with increased conversion rates.

Camera Switch

It is now possible for the operator to switch between cameras on the user’s device during the interview. The camera switch feature enhances the quality of the captured images of the users’ ID Documents, contributing to the platform’s usability.

#Fact: The camera switch feature reflects a faster and easier experience, amplifying conversion rates.

Improved Backoffice

More Available Data

Operators can now add more context to journeys by adding information on the comments’ area in the backoffice.

#Fact: Access to detailed information about each journey streamlines customer service operations, which improves conversion rates while reducing operational costs.

Validations Rejection Causes Recorded

Now, decisions made by each operator during interviews, data validations, and video review operations are recorded, allowing us to improve our processes using data analytics insights.

#Fact: Recording the causes of rejection improves efficiency and processes through data analytic insights.

Looking back, we realise that the intense transformation we’ve gone through is amazing. Going from a single solution to a strong platform and multiple clients, is a progression path we’re extremely proud of. Stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

João Cerdeira Chief Technology Officer

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