Our CEO Message to 2022

Author LOQR

As I look back at 2021, it’s hard not to feel both somewhat breathless and grateful for all that we’ve learned and achieved. The collective challenge presented by a pandemic that nobody expected to last this long has changed how we work, but not how we deliver value to our clients, investors, partners, and the ecosystem. 

So, when 2021 started, we knew it wouldn’t be an easy year. Still, we had big and ambitious plans. 

Nothing is achieved without focus and commitment, and every “no” we hear brings us one step closer to the long-awaited “yes”! These challenging times always remember one of the first lessons I learned as an entrepreneur. 

And the proof is, in the year in which we celebrated our sixth anniversary, we also celebrated our Serie A investment round. 

But 2021 was not only memorable because of these two relevant milestones. We celebrated several recognitions, went to events, participated in multiple programs, and grew – as a brand, in our purpose, and in the talent we hired.  

It is always a great time to recap some of our highlights. I say highlights and not favorites because it will be hard to choose! We invested in our internationalization strategy and reinforced the strategic business partnerships, confident that this will enable us to sustainably and efficiently reach new markets. 

We developed new journeys, grew our portfolio of solutions, and launched new platform versions full of new features. 

In 2021 LOQR’s platform processed more than 6 million events across all our clients with more than 1 million identities verified in our multiple journeys.

We will keep improving and delivering digital innovations that change organizations’ customer relationships, drive a positive impact on society, be vital to tackling the global challenges caused by inequalities, injustices, and the Covid-19 pandemic, and serve as a forceful driver for reaching the UN SDGs. So, it was an honor to be part of The WSA Shortlist 2021. 

For 2022, we don’t expect it to be any less challenging, but the plans are equally ambitious because this is the focus of those who are passionate, of those who work every day to empower people’s lives. 

Finishing, it will be a year to consolidate our international presence in Europe and beyond Europe, in line with our internationalization strategy. We will continue with our growth (in people and clients). We will also consolidate our sales partner program and evolve our platform to deliver more value to our clients and give our partners more autonomy in its implementation. 

For my side, and on behalf of LOQR’s team, we wish you all a great 2022. 

Ricardo Costa