Progress comes from continuous product innovation: our latest Platform news

Author LOQR

In this blogpost, we’ll walk you through some of our exciting new improvements so that you can better understand their benefits for your business growth. 

In this release, we are focused on keeping our innovation spirit and adding relevant steps about out-of-the-box Journeys, backoffice usability, and client branding so that you can see new and enhanced functionalities leveraging security, compliance, and overall usability. 

Learn how the LOQR Platform has been evolving by continuing to read! 

Out-of-the-box Journeys

LOQR has developed a new and dynamic approach toward the results of using our Platform. We have evolved from a requirements-based position to a new value-added approach, and our out-of-the-box journeys illustrate this principle. 

Addressing several journeys, we are designing them based on the highest security and compliance standards. Usability is also paramount in our evolution path, and the latest improvements make our journeys the right option for an out-of-the-box banking digital solution.

Account open purposes: new configurable options 

The out-of-the-box journeys can be adapted to suit our clients’ needs by configuring the questions in the “Account Purpose” area. Our journeys allow several points to be configured; this is the most recent one that has become available. 

#Fact: We continuously seek to meet our client’s different needs with additional parametrisation possibilities, resulting in more adaptable out-of-the-box journeys. 

Improved Backoffice  

New filter functionalities

We have been optimising the available information in various stages of the journeys by giving our clients quick and simple access to the information they need to operate on. All clients can now use our new filter functionalities and quickly identify, for instance, all users in any status in the backoffice. 

These new filter functionalities allow the operator to, within each stage, quickly act on a subset of the available information so that they can filter it by specific journey data. 

#Fact: With this improvement, we are allowing backoffice operators to filter the available information better, making it easier and resulting in better customer satisfaction. 


woman on computer

New sorting capabilities 

We have enabled new sorting functionalities of the existing queues to better manage the backoffice operations.  

The great advantage of these new improvements is the way information is presented, simplifying the operation and its consultation, reducing the overall time of effort and decision-making for the backoffice operators. With this implementation, an operator can immediately find the needed information and act accordingly. 

#Fact: This improvement will result in a more efficient and effort-saving solution in time management, increasing scalability and improving the backoffice operator team management. 

New Help and Support Menu 

A help and support menu has been added to the backoffice, allowing operators to direct access to the most relevant resources, additional information, and support from within the platform. 

#Fact: From now on, backoffice operators will have direct access to the most relevant resources, additional information, and support from within the platform. 

Embedded branding 

Embedded branding in the backoffice guarantees a distinct and immediate visual identity, improving branding awareness and making the backoffice operator feel at home. 

#Fact: Backoffice embedded branding improves branding awareness and makes the backoffice operator feel at home.