Ricardo Costa joins CMVM webinar to discuss the use of AI in the financial markets

Author LOQR

LOQR’s CEO, Ricardo Costa, was one of the guests of a live webinar promoted by CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission) to discuss topics related to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the financial markets. This debate was related to the public consultation of a document released by that institution to collect ideas and promote cheaper and more inclusive AI solutions.

Ricardo is a specialist on the subject and has worked with Artificial Intelligence during his academic and professional career. He’s an experienced cyber-security international project leader within the financial payment systems, Digital Certification and Electronic Identity fields and has helped to develop solutions like Multibanco (the Portuguese ATM system).

Ricardo’s reflections during the debate were related to finding ways of developing and applying safe, inclusive, ethical, and non-discriminatory AI systems that can provide clients and companies with a better user experience. There were different and interesting perspectives from the theoretical, practical, and regulatory points of view brought by the speakers.

LOQR praises initiatives like this one from CMVM, as we believe technologies can play a key role in building and implementing less costly, faster, and safer solutions. Financial inclusion, market safety, client protection, and digitalization of banking and investing have been hot topics for the last few years.

LOQR’s solutions are focused on these themes and on providing smooth, seamless, compliant, and reliable journeys for our clients and for their customers. We also provide several use cases such as Online Account Opening, Online Proof of Life for Pensioners, Online Access Recovery, and more – that use AI to enhance security and reduce costs.

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