Talking to… Liliana Teixeira about the impacts of analysis and processing of data on society

Author LOQR

Liliana Teixeira joined LOQR in September 2020 as a Customer Service Agent. She graduated in Information Systems for Management in ESTG, being able to carry out her curricular internship at LOQR with the project “Geração Dinâmica de Relatórios de Serviço”. This path gave rise to the opportunity to work as a Data Analyst.

Liliana, what impact does the analysis and processing of data have on society, in your opinion?

With the growing volume of data and consequently the information, there must be treatment and analysis of data. And we realize that importance in our day-to-day, whether it is something more common such as the analysis of our income and expenses, or something more abstract such as the management of this pandemic crisis that forced very quick, cautious, and solid decision-making.

At a business level, through data processing and analysis, we can understand where the profitability of an organization is lower, security breakdowns or threats, monitor services, make forecasts based on patterns that occur over time, in other words, check whether there is a trend over time.

Countless possibilities can make a more efficient, reliable, and differentiating organization. Consequently, they can show the current situation of the organization and provide support for decision-making to the various sectors of the company. Besides, organizations can support overall decisions in real-time.

In this way, and to have a more competitive advantage, companies will increasingly need to resort to data processing and analysis to understand what they can improve to increase business profitability, understand the state of the business, and keep customers happy.

How has performing Customer Service Agent roles helped you in your current Data Analyst roles?

As a Customer Service Agent, I understood how LOQR’s platform impacts organizations and customers’ lives.  In my opinion, this is one of the roles in which it is possible to have more perception that what we develop makes a difference for people’s lives, as you have direct contact with the user and receive that feedback.

For the current functions as Data Analyst, the knowledge I gained from each one of the processes gives me a much wider perspective. I have much more knowledge about the particularities that each process has and those that may arise, which would not happen if I had started my career in LOQR to perform these functions right from the beginning.

How does the analysis and processing of data impact the day-to-day life of LOQR?

For LOQR, there is an increasing need to carry out this work of data processing and analysis, not only to present the results to our clients but also to monitor what is being done by us, from services, security, operational results, not only to ensure that what we do is in accordance with what is required by our clients but also by the legislation that is imposed in each country in which we operate.

This way, we manage to further automate our solutions allowing us to indicate in real-time what is being done for each of our customers and quickly give them that vision.

Still, in a pioneering phase, how do you see the future of data processing and analysis in LOQR?

In my opinion, we still have a lot of work ahead of us so that in the future all the functional areas of LOQR, as well as our clients, can see their information needs fulfilled. The entire team has been working hard to make our solutions increasingly effective, safe, and stable. 

The processing and analysis of data can help not only to quickly present our results but also to detect possible anomalies or threats in real-time, make predictions based on the data, detecting and identifying patterns that can support us not only at the decision-making management level but also at the operational level to improve services to make them even more reliable.

Liliana, if you had to define LOQR in one sentence, which would it be?

I would say that through the work that is developed by the entire LOQR team, we impact people’s lives by keeping them digitally safe and making their lives increasingly easier.