The enhancements of search capability on the LOQR Platform

Author LOQR

Providing simple and convenient solutions to our client’s businesses has been a target to pursue within LOQR’s strategy. Amplifying our search capabilities marks a new step forward in the usability of LOQR’s Platform backoffice.  

Keep reading to find out more about how LOQR has improved the search capability in the backoffice system and how it allows us to provide amplified support, monitoring, and customer care services.

How will our clients benefit from the newest LOQR’s search functionality? 

All searches made in the LOQR’s Platform backoffice can help clients solve constraints and accomplish tasks related to identity search. Therefore, the information in the backoffice must be searched and displayed in ways that can be easily read and understood to provide the right content to the right user at the right time.   

With this evolution, searches will be more flexible and easier to accurately select relevant content. The selected process or identity that users may need to obtain data about, will be visible in ways that represent information consistently and allow it to be identified more effectively.  

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This is a step ahead that represents a significant improvement in terms of identity search as the backoffice is amplified to support searches for personal data fields and the characteristics of a particular process or identity, such as Taxpayer Number, for instance. By providing more searchable content, it will be possible to find processes or identities simpler and faster, search in a wider range of fields, and list data that match the search criteria. 

Adding new search possibilities  

Taking into consideration that improved and amplified search leads to increased conversion rates, we are continuously trying to find ways to get better user experience and satisfaction levels. 

Previously, search capabilities were restrained to a set of predefined fields, the search available needed the exact match and only the most recent process or identity would be displayed.  

With this new improvement, it is now possible to search by Identity Number or Process ID, Email Address, Phone Number, or Taxpayer Number, and the backoffice will display every matched identity that is still available on our platform.