The value of digitalisation in challenging times

Author LOQR

Suddenly, everything changed.

Suddenly we can’t visit our Customers and Partners. Suddenly, the entire team is remote. Suddenly we scaled from 4 to 35 plus sites.

So many new challenges…


Challenges are business as usual. We love them. Over the years, we’ve been adapting to the old and new market needs, responding to demand, creating trends and building opportunities in an increasingly tempting and must have “space” for all businesses – the digital one.

For that same reason, our vision has never made so much sense – “Empowering Digital Lives”. Now it’s the time to reinforce our mission and push the use of LOQR’s Platform as an enabler. As always, we are part of the solution!

For Organizations

The use of digital technologies became even more crucial than ever before. It can be the difference between business or no business.

Everyone is mostly remote, but we still need to communicate, we need to keep going and ensure that the Customer’s needs, and more importantly, the Customers’ expectations are met. In a nutshell Organizations and Customers need to keep control of their lives, now physically apart.

As a result of this pandemic, Organizations that used to be “digitally off” will need to step up their digital presence, prepared for it or not. This is, probably, the only way to keep operations running, leading to an unavoidable steep learning curve. There is no time to analyze or study it, this is the time to act.

To reflect:

In times like these, Organizations need to take the next step to the desired digital transformation. Digitalization is where the growth will be in the next weeks, months, years, and decades, and now this is clearer than ever.

In spite of the facts and even at a distance, we’ll raise the pace. We are dedicated and motivated to support you in these challenging times. The best of all relations, even business ones, arise from hard times.

You can count on LOQR!

Because sometimes … remote is the only option.