Unleashing the full potential of LOQR’s Digital Insights

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LOQR’s team is focused on ensuring the continuous improvement of LOQR’s Platform while helping financial institutions stay ahead of market demands. As a groundbreaking component for our core business to become better than ever, LOQR can now provide its clients a solution with an added value proposition –  Digital Insights 

Aligned with these new improvements also comes the possibility of identifying the critical bottlenecks through user journey data, allowing our clients to improve customer experience, amplify their customers’ baseline, and improve business conversion rates. 

Discover the extensive benefits from the new Digital Insights, as journey leads, journey usage data and customer digital journey data can be displayed for our clients in the LOQR’s Platform backoffice.  

How can we drive growth with Digital Insights?  

In a digital society that is constantly evolving within a highly regulated and competitive sector, where the importance given to digital banking services is increasing due to their convenience, it is necessary to take into account that every customer interaction is extremely important. Positive customer experience builds a strong foundation of loyalty and improves customer retention. 

Through important business metrics, it is possible to understand the most significant interactions at each step of the process, get visibility of customer status, identify bottlenecks, and map out the digital customer’s journey allowing our clients to translate customer journeys effectively and make strategic decisions. 

Key advantages of Digital Insights adoption 

As a result of the new development implemented on LOQR’s Platform, the backoffice was converted into a data insights channel with the aim of giving platform users journey leads numbers as well as being able to interact with customers considering their journey data. 

LOQR’s expertise in cybersecurity, compliance, and market regulations, combined with solid banking business experience are crucial factors in offering innovative solutions. By requesting access to Digital Insights, LOQR’s Platform is offering the ideal solution for all clients who seek advanced solutions and want to stay ahead in the competitive financial services landscape taking charge of their digital transformation operations. 

Backoffice Access: Main Features  

With a distinctive insight into the digital customer journey with automated output, LOQR provides a solution focused on analysing the journey usage data. By selecting more than one journey type, our clients can better understand their customer digital journey, including specific steps, flow, and touchpoints.

– By showing the Journeys Leads, our clients can see the actual state of the leads.
– The Tendency Arrow allows our clients to check the evolution of the number of journeys.
– Having a journey history by day graph, allows our clients to filter it by Journey Lead type.
– With the usage by hour graph our clients can access detailed information about data points at various hours. 

In a simple and interactive way, our clients can get full visibility of their business and, at the same time, obtain forecasts. Towards innovation, LOQR has been adding unique advantages to its Platform that anticipate market demands. 


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