Our CEO message to 2020

Author LOQR

It’s the beginning of a new year with new challenges!

2019 has been our best year ever. We have grown in all possible areas: more Clients, more Partners, more “People”, more Investors, more products and even more physical space, but always with a subconscious objective in our minds: “Empowering Digital Lives”.

We have all embraced this and made it our vision. A vision that grew up inside us during the last few years and that will mark our future, define our brand and engrave our position in the Digital Society.

In 2020 we will keep contributing “to accelerate a seamless transition to a secure digital world”, which we believe to be our mission.

We will continue to use the Digital Identity as a key to inclusive growth and as our driving force in our quest to “provide the invisible identity solution, enabler of simple digital experiences to solve complex day-to-day challenges” to our business Clients and Partners, helping their migration to the digital world and embracing digital Customers.

All these achievements are only possible because of our amazing and talented team, responsible for our growth among our world-class Clients and Partners.

Thank you all for your support and trust in LOQR. We look forward to continuing our quest together in 2020.

Stay tuned since we will continue “Empowering Digital Lives”!

Ricardo Costa
Founder & CEO