Building a Sustainable Future

We care about our planet. That is why we are committed to using and delivering technologies that help us be more environmentally efficient and play an active role in this mission.

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As a digitally native company, we provide digital solutions through our journey-as-a-service platform, allowing our clients and their customer to optimize their relationships while reducing their impact on our planet.

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LOQR's daily contributions:

  • Promote recycling
  • Promote reusing (end-of-life boxes reuse, batteries and lids collection)
  • 100% electric fleet
  • Provide refueling stations in the car park for electric cars
  • Promote awareness about employee’s ecological footprint
  • Promote energy’s good use (using natural light, daylight sensors, 100% of lighting in our facilities is LED, programmed ventilation)
  • Flexible remote work policy
Main goals
  • Selection of only sustainable materials
  • To have most information storage in digital format
  • Renewable energies use
  • Reduction in facilities’ water consumption

Labor Relations

LOQR's daily contributions:

  • Provide the best working conditions possible, focusing on the good environment and cooperation among all
  • Provide employees with common areas
  • Promote socialization through periodic events in a more relaxed environment
  • Offer perks and benefits to employees
  • Adoption of a non-discriminatory policy
  • Support the reintegration of people in the market through contacts with IEFP
  • Partnerships with universities and polytechnic institutes to, whenever possible, help students to enter the job market
Main goals
  • Continuous improvement of the working conditions of our employees
  • Increase the number of benefits and protocols

Local Procurement

LOQR's daily contributions:

  • LOQR favors local suppliers and local companies, whenever possible
  • Most of our consumables are from small and local companies, as well as our maintenance resources and services.
Main goals
  • Achieve more than 50% of consumables from local suppliers.


LOQR's daily contributions:

  • Promote a solidarity spirit among employees and involve them in the carried-out campaigns
  • Cooperate with local charities
Main goals
  • Increase the number of solidarity campaigns per year

Information Security

LOQR’s SOC and infrastructure is certified by ISO 27001, to assure information security of all our employees, partners, clients and suppliers.


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We will keep exploring solutions that increase efficiency for us and for our society.

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